At ProEm Group we guarantee the quality of our gas, with over 25 years in the Australian gas industry and now over six years experience supplying laser hair removal clinics we know how important the quality of your gas supply is, that's why we source our gas direct from the manufacturer (not refrigeration wholesalers).

Your cans are filled directly from the manufacturers tanks via our filtered filling plant, no contaminants enter your cans just pure medical grade R134a, guaranteed. Send us an email with your contact and I will be happy to discuss saving you money while still supplying a quality product. Get the competitive advantage that dozens of clinics already have.

Why can you supply cheaper than others?

A: We cut out all the middle men in your supply chain, you should not have to pay inflated prices for this product in Australia

Do you sell new cans as well as refills?

A: Yes we also import brand new cans from the same manufacturer in the U.S and fill them here with medical grade product. New cans will cost $10 AUD more per can.

Do you refill interstate?

A: Yes we use a transport company that will handle dangerous goods, with one phone call to us we will organize everything from pick-up, refill to return

How many grams do you fill in each can?

A: New cans on their first fill are filled to the maximum 1000g, all later fills are filled to 900grams

Do you check check each can prior to filling?

A: yes all cans are individually inspected for defects.

How many cans do you sell per box?

A: 12 cans per box

Do you supply other consumable parts for laser hair removal machines?

A: Yes we can supply lenses for your hand piece, our lenses are coated on both sides and are optimized for the correct wavelength. Lenses are sold in packs of 10.

Is ProEm Group Australian owned?

A: Yes we are a 100% Australian owned family business, that's why we give you the service that you deserve.